Our Company

About Mynetvalour

“White water Sand LLP”  is the LLP  engaged in providing services in  Direct/Indirect taxation, Finance for various corporates & individuals with our home grown  software “Mynetvalor” means “My Net Wealth”.

We endeavour to revolutionize the individual’s control on ones personal  as well as family Net Wealth and Net Income with our software under the brand name ‘Mynetvalor’.

Simple, easy to understand and extreme user-friendliness are the keys  to its phenomenal success.  We have completely automated the customer interaction process, right from purchase of the product to resolving queries.

Thus, saving customers’ precious time and in turn making the use of Mynetvalor a rewarding experience.

The fact that around 75% of our sales comes by references of existing customers, is in itself a testimony to the quality and user satisfaction of our products.  We are rapidly spreading our wings across the country, in a phased manner.


With  passion and innovation, we satisfy customers’ requirements by creating more feasible,  user-friendly and efficient products so that one can easily record, control & analyse personal as well as Family’s  Net wealth & Net Income.