NETVALOR’ means net wealth. ‘MYNETVALOR’ my net wealth.

☆ Manage your investments be it Property, Jewellery, Shares, Mutual Funds, FD’s, Post Office Investments and various assets class

☆ Keep a check on liabilities like Home Loans, Vehicle loan, Personal loan as updated figures like closing balance, EMI’s, Interest , due dates are readily available

☆ Track absolute Business Income, Interest Income, Insurance, Salary, Capital Gain for all assets & portfolios

☆ You can easily analyse your Net wealth & Income using graphic representation.

☆ You can maintain individual portfolios & create portfolio group to view consolidated holdings

☆ View Balance Sheet & Profit/Loss Report of individual & all family member

☆ Transparency between family members on investment & income can be maintained

☆ Since this is web-based software all data is available with you. Confidentiality of valuable information can be maintained.

☆ Data can be easily made available to bank for raising of fund

☆ Data can be easily made available for preparation of income tax returns

☆ You can get reminders before the date of maturity of any investment and before the due dates of Insurance premiums and Loan Installments to manage your funds accordingly.

☆ Tracking of nomination of investments

☆ Information is useful for legal heir in future in case of contingency.

☆ Information can be maintained for number of years & easily available at any point of time.

☆ Since average cost of investment made is readily available, decision of buying & selling become easy.

☆ Useful for NRI’s and people working away from family to keep updating their family on investments

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